Sales Is Getting Harder

Too complex, too many stakeholders, too little trust.

There’s a better way to manage opportunities


Invite your prospects and key stakeholders to a shared workspace that you’ve created for them. A personalised environment where you can share the right content with the right people.


Work with your clients to build the proposal together, map out the process collaboratively and organise tasks with separate workgroups and stakeholders.

Confirm requirements, priorities and timelines with them transparently to ensure visibility and alignment.


Layer in business rules and sign off processes. Manage proposals, contracts and redlines. Create a single source of shared truth that simplifies signing, delivery and implementation.


Process Designer

Build and organise your sales process into templates. Easily edit details based on conversations with your prospects.

People Manager

Easily invite relevant stakeholders to the shared workspace and describe their role and responsibilities relating to the opportunity.

Rights Access Management

Streamline conversations and manage what information is shared with which people to ensure clarity in the decision making process.

Document & Media Storage

Share standardised sales and marketing collateral. Add opportunity specific documents and media such as recorded demos and FAQs.

Real-time collaboration

Share, comment and edit docs in real time. Connect client stakeholders with their internal counterparts and allow them to collaborate.

Task Mangement

Create and manage your sales process to understand what's being worked on, who's working on it, when it's due and what's next.

Deal Workflows

Layer in business logic so that the right people with the right authority can sign off on the right pieces of work in the right order.

Contracts & Signature

Never loose track of a document. Store, track and sign contracts within the platform to make life easier for your clients and your legal team.

Insight & Analytics

Use the built in machine learning to understand what's going on with your sales process so you can fine tune it and close more deals.


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